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  1. I liked the anime series, however, was cheesed that the ending was left open – I mean after watching that many episodes, you’d think they’d give us, if not the LN/manga ending, at least an anime original ending, rather than the usual “well, unless you can read Japanese, no closure for you, suckers!” that we’ve had to endure from other, shorter anime.

  2. I did find out from other sources what happened in the end, but won’t say here.

  3. YES, I thought the same thing. I wonder if they hadn’t known by the beginning of the second season that there wouldn’t be a third?

  4. For example, Vampire Knight did an anime-original ending, because it aired while the manga was still being published, and while I don’t like the anime ending it is at least an ending as you said.

  5. Ugh, don’t even get me started on how SaiMono ended. I remembering reading the summary of the final light novel online and being so upset about a certain Kou princess. ;~;

  6. Are we thinking of the same ending? The ending I read was sad, but it satisfied me, as in a “well, that’s that, and there’s nothing more.”

  7. Not sure? I heard that the final light novel contained an epilogue of sorts to the series, ie what happened to all of the characters. I think that’s where it was included anyways. So my comment was referring to the last light novel, not the anime.

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