Look. We’ve had many strange things in Jojo. We’ve had zombies. Vampires. Sexy half-naked Aztec gods. So…why not aliens? Why can’t we have aliens? Well, we have an alien, and his name is Mikitaka and I love him.


But is he an alien? Fans still ask themselves this question, including me. But honestly I think he is because he’s definitely not a Stand user, as we saw that he couldn’t see Crazy Diamond. Also, he couldn’t be pierced with the arrow. Why?



In the beginning of the episode, we see Kira struggling to live his new life. His yearning to kill women is getting the best of him and his nails keep growing longer…somehow. He’s trying his best to play the part of the man he’s taken over, and there are still some awkward moments, but his wife is loving him, even though she had no idea he almost tried to strangle her.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-27-1080p-mkv0022As for the rest of the episode, Josuke and Okuyasu find a crop circle on their way to school and they freak out. They’re surprised even more to see someone lying right in the middle of the circle. They go over to him to check if he’s okay and they can see that he’s bleeding on the side of his neck. Mikitaka wakes up and asks where he is, and that’s when things get weird. Josuke and Okuyasu think Mikitaka is joking around when he says he’s an alien, but he never drops the act and keeps saying he’s part of some galaxy and his planet is gone. He eats tissues Josuke gives him, he for some reason carries stomach medicine and ice cream cones in his bag, and he admits that he’s 216 years old, has a ray gun, he’s a spaceship pilot, and that he does have a spaceship (but it’s far away), and all these other stereotypical alien stuff. Okuyasu wants to kick his [censored] because he thinks he’s dangerous but Josuke stops him. It’s then that a firetruck drives by with its siren on, and Mikitaka starts yelling. Apparently he’s allergic to the sound of sirens, and it did seem so as he started getting into hives. Okuyasu left, but Josuke stayed behind to check if he was alright.

To make things even more weirder and to cement the idea that he really is an alien, Mikitaka turns into this blue…blob. He turns into some sweet kicks and places himself on Josuke’s feet and makes him get the [censored] out of there, and they make it to the school’s roof (by climbing the wall). Josuke makes Crazy Diamond appear in front of Mikitaka’s face, but he doesn’t see anything. So…he’s really an alien?

To show his gratitude, he offers Josuke anything he can do for him. He gets this greedy look on his face and that’s when things get a little naughty. Josuke explains that his mother found out about his lottery money and froze his account, and this little spoiled brat wants more money for the summer. So he tells Mikitaka to turn into dice. First, he actually has to explain what they are because Mikitaka didn’t know, but once he understood, he turned himself into this giant dice, which was funny. He then turns into the right size, and then we see what Josuke planned.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-27-1080p-mkv0070Apparently he skips school and meets with fashion-disaster Rohan and asks him to play a game with him. He’s honest and says that he wants more money, and he’s surprised to hear Rohan accept. But that’s only because Rohan hates Josuke and wants to take all his money. So they go to a table with all the things they need. Rohan brought in his own dice, and we think that Mikitaka won’t be part of this. Except that Josuke broke in and switched Rohan’s dice. How did he do that? I…don’t know. Anyway, the game immediately turns in Josuke’s favor because Mikitaka of course is going to help Josuke win. And unfortunately we don’t get to see the rest of the game, which I guess will be saved for next week.

Darn. I couldn’t get to see the part of these chapters that me and everyone else wanted to see. The reason why I love Mikitaka is because he’s just so weird and mysterious. Is he an alien? Fans literally can’t decide so people think what they want. He’s just so strange. Anyway, I was surprised that we got another opening for this season, I had no idea there would be another one. And…I have to say, that I don’t like it. This is probably the first time I’ve ever said this about a Jojo opening since I love them all, but I really don’t like this one. I feel like…I’m not sure. It just doesn’t work for me. People have been pretty divided about Part 4’s openings, but I feel like people are going to agree that this one may not be the best.

Also, I have this strange feeling that they really are going to fit all of Part 4 in 39 episodes. They’re actually really far into the manga, so I think they might pull it off. Though the final battle is going to have to take up more than two episodes because it’s kind of long, but I wonder if they really will pull it off with 39 episodes. I highly doubted it before, but now I don’t know.


Little [censored]

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