Here we are, the grand opening of Puru Land. The Queen of Darkness shows up just like it was predicted, though not in the way it was shown in the first episode. This episode was split up into two parts, the first one showing Victorious’ past on her home planet, and the second part with the general story.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-11-1080p-mkv0011I really enjoyed how her past was presented. It had this Disney feel to it with cute friends, breaking out into song, and the narrator speaking. It had this innocence to it until it was all broken. It was amazing they even had that innocence considering just the awful kind of planet they lived in. When they say the ones lacking were sifted out, did that mean they were killed? Or were just deported to some other planet, or just completely ignored? It’s scary that they would take these children and make them go through this special education, which I suppose included a special strength/endurance test by climbing a giant thorny tree that maybe killed some of them? I don’t know man. It was strange to see a young and happy Victorious wishing for a world of justice. And with the help of her best friend, Astrael, she would be able to do it!

Of course that is unti Astrael completely betrayed her. I have to say, the expression on her face was pretty cold.


Yikes. The betrayal was so bad that it created this strong hatred to pour out of her and give Victorious this strange power. I guess that strength also saved her from dying in that terrible fall because that was a very tall place she fell off of, I was surprised she wasn’t dead, or at least hurt in some way. I mean yikes did you hear that thud? But I’m going to guess that Astrael got her comeuppance and died from her fall. Or something. She fell from an even higher place than Victorious. Sorry, considering how dark this story was and how scary their planet is, I keep thinking death. o_o;

After discovering that darkness and negative emotions give her power, I’m guessing she exceled at everything she did and then made herself the leader of their Death Star planet, and now she’s setting her sights on Sound Planet.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-11-1080p-mkv0002The second half was left for the general story. King comes in and Trichronika barges in as well, and it’s announced that all BRR bands, along with Trichronika, and King are all going to write a song that they can all sing and perform at the Puru Land grand opening against Victorious. It’s surprising for them all, but they know they have to do their very best to protect the planet they love. And then Cyan gives a very long speech about how music brought her together with new friends and how much music changed her life, how it’s so important, and through that whole speech everyone got together and wrote the song. At the end of her speech, the song is already written and we move on to the day of Puru Land’s opening.

It’s such a cute amusement park! Moa’s dad gives a speech in his annoying voice and everything is great until Victorious makes her appearance and crashes the party, enveloping the whole area in her thorns (like the thorny tree?) She grabs Plasmagica, SHINGANCRIMSONZ, Criticrista, and Trichronika and is about to make away with them until Maple suddenly appears in a mecha? That apparently he made in secret with Moa’s dad?

Final fight is next week. I predict Tsurezure is going to appear with the large Melodisian stone to fight off against Victorious, and we’ll hear everyone’s new song! It should be fun to hear everyone sing together. I really liked Victorious’ backstory, but as usual, I wish we had seen more of it, and sooner. Like just how harsh was their environment that Astrael turning her back on her made her react like that? Learning her backstory in the second to last episode isn’t the best time, but I suppose it’s better than never getting it. Victorious is still the generic villain though, but it was still a good thing to learn.

I wonder where Astrael is.


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