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  1. Kenshin Rentaro

    Nostalgia :’v (y)

  2. I’m going to fire up my favourite episodes over the next few nights and watch them again! I’m so excited!

  3. This is out somewhere at last?! I’ve been searching and looking and waiting for it!

  4. I have too, ever since Christmas Eve! It’s not Vivid, but Shimakaze (apparently Mezashite under a different name) have released a patch for the subs to be used with the raws by UCCUSS. I considered watching those raws, but concluded that it wouldn’t be the perfect experience without subs.

  5. littleshogun

    About Aria, well to be honest didn’t know much except this anime was old iyakishei series (New one was Kinmoza and Gochiusa), but from the picture and the info that I read, looks like it involve a city with many water and canal system like Venice. Well, the setting was named Neo-Venice and located in Mars. I’ll check this anime sometimes in 2016.

  6. Anyway, I want to use this chance to said Merry Christmas for all of this site blogger, even if it’s very late. And of course Happy New Year 2016 too, for all blogger here as well. Hope all of you do well in 2016.

  7. Aria is old, yeah… it feels weird calling it old, but it’s been a decade since the first season after all. It’s actually quite interesting to see how iyashikei anime has changed since then. Kinmoza and Gochiusa are both definitely modern iyashikei series, but their focus on cute girls doing cute things with a hint of yuri is very much due to the influence of how the anime industry has developed since the ancient era of 2005. I blame K-ON!, it’s pretty much entirely their fault. Aria is technically CGDCT, but it’s not focused on moe, fanservice and cute character interaction – men do appear occasionally (gasp, can you imagine?!) and it’s more about how everyone interacts with the world around them. The closest modern example of this sub-set of iyashikei is probably Non Non Biyori. It’s like Neo-Venezia itself is a character in the series, and that’s part of what makes Aria such a wonderful miracle.

  8. A belated Merry Christmas to you too, and Happy New Year! It may already be 2016 where you are!

  9. Aria, I would say, is one of the foundational iyashikei anime. It and Hidamari Sketch may well have triggered the modern swell of slice of life and “cute girls doing cute things” series.

  10. I have seen a lot of these series since Aria first got me into them, and I love many of them. After watching many of those shows, and then going back and re-watching Aria, I can still say that no matter how good the new ones are (and they are very good, make no mistake) they are all still just trying to reach the place where Aria has been all along. When it comes down to a show that can heal the soul, soothe away the stresses and troubles that have been plaguing you, and just help you relax and be able to take delight in what you’re seeing, no other series has done it as well as Aria.

  11. As a point to emphasize this, one of the things Vantage noted was a bit of melancholy in some episodes, particularly noticible as you get later into the third season, about how as the girls grow up and their lives progress, they are no longer able to spend their days together the way they do throughout most of the series, because they are becoming adults, with adult responsibilities, which can mean things like friends not being able to spend anywhere near as much time together as they once could. It’s sort of the Japanese concept of “mono no aware,” which focuses on the transience of things. Frankly, I usually do not like that sort of thing at all. If I discover a series focuses on that sort of concept I will flee from it, because it touches too close to real life for me, and it is too easy for me to end up becoming very depressed.

  12. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN with this series. It should have: I’d followed these girls for three seasons, two OVAs, several DVD specials, and all the manga volumes that were released in the US before whoever had the manga license decided to drop it. Seeing these girls growing up and apart due to circumstance, even with the generally positive bent that the series put on it and the understanding that they were unquestionably still the best of friends, should have made me a wreck. It did not. I still love this series. I still recommend this series. I still WATCh this series, periodically, from beginning to end, and it is still wonderful all the way through.

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