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  1. Conclusion: Kuro is a [censored]-crime begging to happen.

  2. Oddly enough, this felt to me like it would have been a more appropriate filler for the main series than the amusement park episode.

  3. Kuro is walking [censored].

  4. If they had Bazett working as a part-timer in the ryokan, it would have been a perfect filler episode. I guess Rin and Luvia being there to unclog the secret onsen would have been weird given that they should be focusing on the construction, but I’m sure it’s nothing they couldn’t have explained off.

  5. Maybe is just me, but i liked Kaleid for when [censored] hits that fan (also its TYPE-MOON), the show takes itself seriously and it seems as the seasons go by it does less and less of that… I just sat there going…”WHAT? Why is this a thing!?” through the whole thing. I understand there is some stuff that sells and you add a little of it to keep the fans who are interested in only that watching, but at the same time I miss the good ol action and them actually being magical girls…

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