When I watched Souryo for the first time, the open-mouthed kiss at the very end reminded me of Hundred. Then I remembered getting squicked out by all the saliva in the latter and just blech. >_< But I made it through the first episode, though I don't know how longer I'll cover Souryo for. I’ll give it until the third episode at least.

The premise goes like this: the star of the show, a pink-haired woman whose name is not mentioned (as far as I can tell) is reunited with a classmate named Kujou whom she had a major crush on when they were in school together. This is at a class reunion, so there are lots of other familiar faces at the club with them too. She remembers that Kujou was kind to her, and that he helped her on at least one occasion.

Someone pulls off Kujou’s hat to reveal his bald head, indicating that he is working and living as a priest. The main character, whom I’m now dubbing Pinky, laments how sad it is that he’s so good looking yet as a priest he must live alone.

Pinky goes on to get extremely drunk and has trouble walking outside the club. Suddenly Kujou shows up, and just in time too because Pinky blacks out. Kujou takes her back to his home in a cab, puts her to bed and prepares a glass of water for her.

Pinky’s drunk and rambling, and since this is an ecchi her skirt is riding up and showing off her panties. Kujou takes a mouthful of water then leans over and kisses Pinky passionately, forcing her to swallow the water he passes to her from his mouth. Tongues meld and spit’s swapped. Kujou offers her the use of his bathtub, then suddenly pulls her shirt up to reveal her bra.

My thoughts:
So there you have it, He’s a priest and presumably is supposed to be celibate, yet here is he making out with his former classmate. In the synopsis Pinky sounds like she’ll have some regrets (ie “should we really be doing this??”), but Kujou seems pretty sure of what he wants so far.

In addition to the ick-ing out over the saliva shots, I also have some reservations when it comes to ecchi anime because of how the female is often portrayed. Is she doing to be dumb, getting herself into stupid situations or wear revealing clothes just for the sake of fanservice? Is she going to let herself be dominated by her male counterpart, because that’s usually what sells ecchi anime? I’ve found over the years that I have a really hard time watching shows where the female basically exists for the male’s entertainment. That kind of show has no purpose for me.

I’m aware that this show will have lots of fanservice; that doesn’t bother me. I’m more curious to see what will happen with Pinky’s character. As I said before, I’ll give this show three episodes.

Possibility of Blogging: Maybe
Possibility of Watching: Only if I’m covering it

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