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  1. Chris Marshall

    From someone who played this game since the release, I’d give this OAV a “meh”. Not that it was bad, but it sure wasn’t groundbreaking. If anything it did accomplish getting people interested in it. But even so, foreigners “AKA us” won’t be convinced to actually start playing the game even after watching this, because of mostly “Language Barrier” (the whole gacha-payment thing isn’t really an issue because I’ve been Free-to-play the entire time and I’ve managed to get a good amount of SR and SSR servants. Plus the company is actually more generous with feebies than most other app games I’ve played. They periodically set up mission events for all players to obtain a free-SR servant that you can max out its power with). Anyways, enough game-jargon. Like everything else this was made to convince Japanese customers to start the game. So I can see this being an issue for those who aren’t Japanese and are willing to wait for the next OAV when it probably won’t even come for another year.

  2. The issues I mostly had with this was moreover from the company producing it. Obviously they couldn’t drop this project on Ufotable because they’re busy finishing season 2 of Tales, and working on Touken Ranbu and the Heaven’s Feel movies for this year. If anything I kind of wish A-1 pictures did this (since they’re also animating the recently announced Fate Apochrya that’ll show this year!!) because they did a pretty good job with animating the commercials and opening for Fate Grand Order. But its more of a budget thing since the money to make this hour+ special came from the customers constantly pouring money into this game (one person in particular got a $3000? loan from a bank to roll for 5 copies of his “waifu” Aka” Cu’s teacher. Pretty dumb thing to do since they used their parents information to get the money.). So they could only afford using a “newer” animation company.

  3. Chris Marshall

    But as the game’s story goes, it gets really good later on mostly due to the fact that Nasu didn’t pay much attention to it until after the popularity increased after the 4th chapter. Once London came around he started being more active with it and the last 3 chapters are widely hailed (including me) as some of the best stuff he’s written.

  4. Lastly, Fujiwara AKA “Gudao” was a little “too” self-insert. Mainly because the main duo characters are supposed to be self-insert, but the Japanese sure have a habit of….loving those types of bland people. Unanimously we all felt like Gudako (AKA the girl in the class with the orange hair) should have been the MC because she is…interesting to say at least. That girl is a force to be reckoned with all the chaos and zero fucks she brings. In the game Fujiwara was just as plain and the only memorable thing I can remember of him was that he and Robin Hood (who is male I might add) had [censored] with each other because they were trying to prove that Robin Hood could seduce anyone.

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